Bridal Safari


Wedding Photography is important because for a picture-perfect moment to happen you have to be present in those moments. As you get closer to your wedding day the anxiety and stress can be a little overbearing for many brides. With the mind racing in all directions and with little time in hand things can go out of hand if you don’t cultivate the right mindset.

So how you do it.

1) Be Grateful

As simple as it may seem, doing this simple exercise for a few minutes a day will immediately give you a completely different perspective and that perspective is to be grateful to the almighty for all the little things in your life that you already have, be grateful that someone finds you incomparable enough to commit their life to you. Soon you will no longer be a bride; You will be someone’s wife.

2) Don’t try to make everyone happy

This is a time when everyone should be making you happy so don’t try to do it the other way. There are people in all families who get upset at smallest of the things and pass it on to others. If you try to make everyone happy you will end up  missing all the fun moments that you could cherish for a long time.

3) You look perfect

Every bride desires to look her most beautiful on this day. In fact, you will likely be more conscious of your appearance than on any other day. Don’t worry about your hair, don’t worry about your weight forget about the wrinkle in your dress or the stubborn hairs which refuse to remain in place. This is your life, and what a blessing it is to be you on such a day. You look absolutely perfect. Go with this attitude and let the photographer capture the real you in all your glory. 

4) Be Present & celebrate the moments

So, brides, calm down. Your hair is fine. You have likely done all the dieting you can do and, if you didn’t, so what? All of your anxiety is going to be wiped away the moment you are no longer a bride. Just create the memories. Allow the laughter flow. See the humor through the madness. Taste the food. Listen to the words. Don’t just smile for the pictures, but be alive in them. Don’t just hug your guests with your body; embrace with your heart. There are an innumerable number of girls who would love to be in your shoes. In fact, your former self would likely love to be in your shoes. Be present. Things will go wrong. So what

5) The Magic In The Making Of Memories

All the little things which seem to be not going right are actually helping you create your own story so enjoy the madness.

One day, sooner than you realize, you will ache to find that place in your mind where all of your wedding-related memories reside. You will want to revisit them, just as I do from time to time of my wedding memories. You will long to feel them wash over you. So, make those memories. But, please; treasure them as you are making them.