Bridal Safari


On your wedding day you will look your best and your beauty will be easily captured in the photographs, right? The answer is yes and no. Let me explain. I’m sure most of you will agree with me at least to a certain extent, that there are certain areas of your body you’re not so happy with. No matter how often your friends says you look gorgeous. Only you know that the photos of your arms/nose/chin/stomach etc are not how you would like them. right?  Let’s be honest with ourselves here and say that we are all a little bit worried about how we’re going to look in our wedding photographs.

What if i told you there is a way to you can actually address all your concerns and get those stunning pictures of your wedding that you had always dreamed about.

How you would ask

Well, did you know that a lot of those beautiful pre-wedding photoshoot pictures that you see on the internet are actually posed? I know, posing is the last thing on your mind. The aim of this post is not to get you to be posing for all the photos but a few of them where is it required. The rest of the wedding you wont have to worry about because your wedding photographer will get those candid moments captured for eternity.

The purpose of this blog is to educate you about the art of posing. You should know this because you are the best judge of your body. You know exactly what are the strengths and weaknesses of your body areas, you know what outfits look good on you, you know what kind of pictures look flattering etc etc. The point of this post is not to make you conscious or hate the  parts of yourself you don’t like, but to celebrate the parts you do like and to learn how to look the very best you can.

With this new found skill you will blow your photographer away. Plus with this knowledge you can keep getting those stunning pictures much after your wedding is over.

So, are you interested?

Here is how we can deal with the common problem areas

1) Double Chin /Neck

Raise your chin by a few degrees and twist your head slightly away from the camera. Then, either focus your eyes at a point above your natural eye line or look back down the lens. Tilting your chin upwards will elongate the neck, pull the skin tight and smooth out any wrinkles/folds.
The most flattering angle for covering up a double chin area is from above. Now you see why the selfies that you take from above the head turn out good. The high angle not only hides any excess skin but also makes the eyes appear to pop and look bigger/brighter. The face also looks softer.

2) Nose

Do you hate your straight up photos because of your nose. Try twisting your face to 45 degrees. Try also tilting your chin slightly down this will be more flattering to a bigger nose.

3) Arms

Simply keep them away from your body and don’t lean on them if you have big arms ( only for the ladies) Keep your hands on hips but just keep them slightly away from your body . Keep your shoulders relaxed. If you have big rounded shoulders then avoid strapless dresses.

4) Stomach / Waist

Twist your body 45 degrees (a good photographer should be able to tell you the exact point where your waist looks it smallest) and put each leg in a slightly different position (again, your photographer should be able to direct you toward which positions look good). Put all your weight on one leg (usually the back).
Have you ever noticed how celebrities pose for the magazines…they all know this secret…now you know it too:)

5) Smile (teeth)
If you are not happy with your teeth or your smile don’t close your mouth and smile. A good idea is to think happy thoughts. It sounds so obvious and cliched but honestly if you are thinking and feeling good and confident it really will come through in your expression. Compare – a forced & unemotional eyes and smile vs a natural & confident expression. See the difference?

6) Hands
Think loose, think relaxed, think soft.
A good tip would be to make a fist and open them. A slight curve of the fingers always looks better, and more natural than straight and pointy hands. If you feel yourself tensing up. Relax your arms, shoulders and hands and move them where it feels natural

7) Posture / Shoulders
Finally, and most importantly – commit yourself to the pose you’re being put in. A lot of the time an over exaggerated pose can feel ridiculous in ‘real life’ but looks great in photos. This is why it’s so important to book a photographer that you 100% trust.

Remember to practice practice practice! You will feel awkward first but it’s worth it. Stand in front of a full length mirror and literally just get posing! You can even include your partner in this.