Bridal Safari


We have covered (In the previous blogs) how you can get stunning pictures from your pre-wedding shoot and for the getting ready part. Now its time to cover the actual wedding ceremony and reception.

Here are a few pointers that will help your wedding photographer in getting those awesome candid pictures for you

Your ceremony photographs will undoubtedly be some of the most important shots of the day. It also flies by in a nervous blur and you’ll likely not remember a whole lot about it, so these photos are doubly important.

Another thing to consider is to politely ask your guests not take photos during the ceremony. Guests holding up mobile phones are only going to be distracting for you and other guests (and may even ruin the professional shots).

2) IGNORE THE PHOTOGRAPHER I know this seems counter intuitive but if you can forget the camera (unless the photographer asks you to) and just trust your wedding photographer, you appear as a radiant, confident bride in your wedding photos. Just relax and go with the flow.

After shooting hundreds of wedding days i can say there is one commonality between all of them; every bride is BEAUTIFUL! It is incredible to see the transformation that happens when a bride slips into her wedding dress. Confidence radiates from her, and every wedding photographer loves to capture these stunning images. Believe in yourself, love yourself and those amazing wedding photos will come easily.

I mean genuinely enjoy! If you have to laugh do it genuinely, after all, this is one of the happiest days of your life, right? If you are actively having a good time, everyone else will too, which will make for great photos. This is your big day, enjoy it and let yourself have FUN, and guaranteed you will get the most amazing wedding photos in doing so. Also if you feel the need to soak in an emotion do it, don’t think about others. Its your big day, your story, live it to the fullest and feel it to the very core.

Good posture is very important and without it, clothes don’t look good. When designers start making clothes, they work with a dummy and of course their posture is perfect, so clothes are made to be worn with great posture.

If you have bad posture it makes you look old. A good posture makes you look younger and more confident. Bad posture ruins so many wedding photographs and it’s one of the easiest things to fix. Practice standing up straight by holding a broom handle between your shoulder blades and pulling in your core muscles. Tummy in, chest out does the trick.

Standing feet by feet apart doesn’t look so nice. The best way to change this is to stand at an angle. If you stand with both feet side by side and your arms are stuck to your side, you will end up looking like a mannequin and this definitely is not a good look!

So, stand at a three-quarter angle and put the heel of your front foot in the arch of the back foot. This will create a T shape and this will give the body shape and movement. It will also help you move easier because you can pivot on your feet instead of being planted on the ground.

I know this can be a little tricky in India. All the guests want to pose with the bride and groom and it would be impolite not to oblige, so instead of shutting them off, you can quickly get it done but for the very close family and friends, its good to have them done properly towards the end. The wedding photographer should help you getting these organized so that the photos look balanced, symmetrical and professional.

Having activity options for your guests provides your photographer with options for capturing your guests candidly. Plus, it’s a great icebreaker for uncomfortable guests.

This could be to serve a few themed cocktails some games to keep everyone involved. A bonfire late-night activity also makes for great photo opportunities.