Bridal Safari


Immortalise your love in style at the Taj Mahal. If you haven’t been photographed at the Taj, you have missed out on a slice of history and an experience of a lifetime.

Kristina & Nico looked absolutely stunning.

We planned for an early morning couple shoot at the Taj.

Every corner of the Taj is mind blowing.

We were awestruck by the sheer size and amazing architecture of the Taj.
The east and west sides of the Taj have identical looking entrance gates made of red brick

It couldn’t get better. What a way to celebrate your love in style.

Towards the afternoon the marble was reflecting like crazy. But we also had strong shadows and thats what makes it so appealing to shoot in mid day.

Oh Taj !

Another perspective.

Kristina & Nico were absolutely fabulous. They tirelessly worked with me and ensured we left no stone unturned to capture the beauty of the Taj and their love for eternity
We squeezed in a few shots inside the Hotel as well. At the ITC Mughal, Agra
We also got a chance to see the Taj from the Mehtab Gardens which is located right behind it.

Taj from the Mehtab Gardens.

Mehtab garden is a secret treasure. Its quiet and has a stunning vantage points to see the the Taj minus all the crowd.

Kristina & Nico celebrate their love in style

We also spent some time at the Agra Fort. Amazed by the awesome Architecture 

Exploring the Agra fort

We call it a day. These memories are forever.